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Welcome to the Watershed Institute at CSU Monterey Bay

"Advocating and Applying a Watershed Systems approach to Restoration, Education, Research, and Policy."

The Watershed Institute consists of a direct action community-based coalition of researchers, restoration ecologist, educators, planners, students, and volunteers. These participants all work to promote and employ a systems approach to the management of watersheds around the world.

What is a watershed?

A watershed encompasses the forest, uplands, agricultural lands, streams, wetlands, roadways, and other areas delivering water into a drainage, and their living communities.

A healthy watershed:

  • Prevents topsoil loss
  • Provides habitats for wildlife and natural communities
  • Filters toxic pollutants originating from citites and farms
  • Recharges aquifers
  • Reduces saltwater intrusion into aquifers
  • Controls flooding
  • Supports agricultural production
  • Creates "greenbelts" in residential areas, which can also act as fire breaks.

Watershed Institute restorationists, researchers, and educators are currently working in watersheds around the world to apply a watershed systems management approach. The implementation of an ecosystem management approach is either mandated or supported by lead organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the California State Water Resouces Control Board. The Watershed Institute has already implemented some of these agencies' goals to convert the Monterey Bay region from a microcosm of watershed problems to a model for positive action.

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Future of Water Award - 2014

The Watershed Institute and Dr. Carol Reeb of Hopkins Marine Station have awarded the Watershed Institute's "Future of Water" award to two distinguished middle-school students for their outstanding Monterey County Science Fair projects. The 2014 awardees are Rohan Bhushan and Christopher How of the International School in Seaside. The title of their project is: Nitrosomonas europaea: Accelerating Bioremediation of Ammonia Using Magnesium Sulfate. Their award is a fine glass trophy and $100. Visit Carol Reeb's blog to learn more about Rohan and Christopher's work.

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